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The placenta is the most amazing temporary organ we as humans produce! It sustains and nourishes a growing baby for 9 months and then it leaves us. The act of consuming your placenta is rather new to western culture, however it has been a regular practice in several cultures around the world and Chinese medicine for several generations. 

Potential benefits of placenta consumption:

*Increased Energy

*Enhanced breast milk supply

*More stable mood (hormone balancing)

*Faster healing as well as lessened bleeding

*Helping with menstruation symptoms when it returns

The hope is, you will have an easier recovery from your birth, than you would without your placenta. None of these benefits are a guarantee, but many people have felt overall more balanced and energized. Your placenta feeds the baby and transfers waste out of baby so that you can dispose of it. The placenta acts as a facilitator, and does not hold on to toxins or waste.

Some of the hormones found in the placenta that can benefit you after birth are:

  • Oxytocin

  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

  • Prolactin

  • Iron

  • Hemoglobin

  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG)

There are many different ways one can consume their placenta, however one of the more preferred methods is via capsules. The encapsulation process is a two part process. The placenta is first rinsed thoroughly, then sliced into thin pieces and dehydrated for 24 hours. If utilizing the Steamed method, the placenta will first be steamed for 30 minutes before dehydrating. After 24 hours in the dehydrator the placenta is ready to be ground into a powder and placed into individual vegetarian capsules. Since each placenta is unique in its shape and size, the number of capsules varies from person to person. The average number of capsules per placenta is 100 +.

Preparation Methods



Also known as the Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM Method.

The placenta is rinsed thoroughly, then steamed with herbs at 130 degrees for 30 minutes.

Placenta is then dehydrated at 160 degrees for 24 hours. This method restores more heat into the placenta, but results in more hormone loss than the unsteamed method. This method yields approx 15% less capsules than the Raw method, usually resulting in less than 100 capsules.

At this temperature GBS, any possible meconium, and bacteria from birth or hospital is killed.


Dehydrated & Unsteamed

The placenta is rinsed thoroughly, then dehydrated at 160 degrees for 24 hours.

At this temperature GBS, any possible meconium, and bacteria from birth or hospital is killed.

This method is more potent in hormones & nutrients and yields approximately 15% more capsules than the steamed method, approx resulting in 100 + capsules per placenta.

Cost for either method $275

Twin Placentas + $100

  • 50% steamed and 50% un-steamed is also available, please inquire if interested

  • Birth Doula clients receive 10% off encapsulation services

When preparing your placenta for consumption I adhere by strict OSHA standards. I regularly renew my Bloodborne Pathogens Certification as well as California Food Safety Certification. Work area and all equipment is thoroughly sanitized between clients and only one placenta is processed at a time.


Umbilical Cord Keepsake


Many parents like to keep the umbilical cord as a keepsake after their baby is born. In some cultures babies use this as a soothing teething ring.

*Included in your Encapsulation package at no extra charge

Placenta Tincture

4 oz.

A Placenta Tincture is made from a piece of the mother’s own raw placenta after birth, steeping in an organic high quality alcohol. After 6 weeks the remedy is strained and placed in a 4 oz dropper bottle. Birth parents outside of the immediate postpartum period have found their tinctures beneficial during menstrual cycles, when returning to work after maternity leave, during weaning, menopause, or any other time that requires some emotional regulation. If kept in a cool, dark space the tincture will last long after your capsules are finished.


Placenta Canvas Print


To commemorate your powerful placenta! I create a print on archival quality canvas of your “tree of life” using its own blood as ink.


Placenta Broth

One 24 oz Jar

When the Steamed preparation method is used a hormone, nutrient rich broth can result from the placenta steaming process. This broth is an energizing addition to soups and chilis.


Sitz Bath Herbs


To soothe all those sore parts post birth. The sitz bath herbs can be used in a variety of ways, in a relaxing and soothing full bath, a sitz bath, peri bottle, padsicles, or a warm compress. Can be used for both vaginal and cesarean birth. This blend is comprised of the following herbs: Calendula flower, Comfrey leaf, Lavender flower, Chamomile flower, and Sea Salt.

Sitz Bath herbs come in quantity of 8 4x6 cotton muslin bags with a 2 quart mason jar for steeping. Directions for use included. This amount is enough to cover you for your first 4o days.


  • Add ons can only be provided in conjunction with an Encapsulation Package

The Details


Once you’ve given birth, your placenta will be picked up from your birth location between the hours of 8am - 8pm. If you give birth outside of those hours you will be given clear instructions on how to safely store placenta until it can be picked up. Once your placenta is encapsulated (approx 2 day turnaround time) I will deliver your capsules to your home or birth location.


After booking your encapsulation service you will be sent a transportation kit to safely store placenta for pick up. The kit includes 1 freezer bag, 2- 1 gallon ziplock bags, and directions for storage. Booking must be made 4 weeks before your estimated due date (by 36 weeks) in order for me to ship supplies in time for your baby’s arrival. If booking after this window I will do my best to send kit out asap, but item arrival can’t be guaranteed for your birth. The transportation kit makes it much easier for hospital staff and ensures your placenta’s safety before pickup.

  • Pick up, Drop off, and Transportation Kit is included in cost of Encapsulation Package.

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