Marta the Doula


 I have a few insights about the short, but intense, and deeply transformative period of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. It is pretty short and simple; my purpose is to support the families I serve. I come to our work together with my experience, training, and local referrals, and i hope these tools serve some guidance while you’re navigating your options and making decisions about your body, but I truly believe the most important tool a birthing person has already lives inside them; their intuition. I believe you already know what’s best for you and your baby and I am here to reaffirm what your body is telling you. In our current society, It’s very easy for our inner knowing to be drowned out by exterior forces. This could be countless competing recommendations, stories, and fears from friends, family, media and even healthcare providers. With all these voices, It can be difficult to even know what you truly feel!

I urge you to ask yourself this question: What would you do if you trusted your body? You may be surprised by the decisions you’d make if you muted everything else and listened to what your body is telling you.

Together we will explore your intuition, your “inner knowing” so you can birth your baby in the way you wish.